Maestro Workshop's mission is to make the most professional music tuition available to all. Our structured classical guitar course has been designed in conjunction with Charles Ramirez, a Professor of Guitar at one of London's most prestigious music institutions, The Royal College of Music, London.

Charles Ramirez was appointed Professor of Guitar at the Royal College of Music when just 25. Promoting the teaching of classical guitar has always been his goal. He wrote the highly successful 'Technical Development for Guitarists' for Trinity College London. This was used for grade exams for over a decade in over 80 countries. It continues to be a reference manual for many teachers and students.

Accessibility to a comprehensive structure is the key. Maestro Workshop teaches all the fundamental techniques of guitar in an easy to follow manner. Our aim is to teach professional techniques that will serve the player throughout their life.

As a recording artist Charles has been praised by critics for his virtuosity, mastery of technique and musical interpretation of the classics. Maestro Workshop offers an unprecedented opportunity to bring his teaching skills and expertise to guitar players all over the world.